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Pirates of Fortune's Folly have come ashore to steal your hearts! Their piratical antics will both entertain and educate audiences of all ages, with plenty of Action, Music, and Laughs! (“Volunteers” may be press-ganged onto the crew as part of the entertainment!)

Bone & String is a Calvert County, MD based band providing audiences with a glimpse into history through traditional music and songs of the sea, interspersed with banter, stories and terrible puns.

The Brigands are the piratical music group bringing you all the greatest hits from the 1700’s and beyond! A flavorful blend of instrumental and vocal songs that deal with the delightful aspects of piracy: death, scurvy, revenge, drinking, sailing, booty, and death!

The mermaids return! The international performers of the Circus Siren Pod are bringing their traveling, 1000 gallon, mermaid tank back to Rock Hall! Stop by the tank to meet a real mermaid, snap a photo, and even get a real pearl from one of the oysters in the tank that mermaid will find just for you! It wouldn’t be a pirate festival without some mermaids!

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For more than 30 years, Michael has been providing smashingly successful comedy juggling shows for all types and sizes of events.  Using a balanced eclectic mix of original (and clean) comedy, breathtaking skills, and his endearingly dry unassuming personality, Michael continuously surprises and astounds his audiences. Amazement and Laughter are the results.

Wake up and join your captain, yes WOMAN, Captain Grace O'Malley (of Ireland) as she teaches about sailing on a ship. Pirates? Not only pirates are discussed in this fast-moving and exciting show, but ye will learn about all types of sailing information - ships, 16th century history, even how to climb the rigging. However, Captain Grace isn't really a pirate: she's the daughter of clan chieftain Dub O'Malley -- so instead of capturing her audience, she chooses to teach them instead.

Featuring the Punch & Judy Show

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