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Bone and String

Musical Group

Small group of stage actors. performers, singers and general history enthusiasts from Calvert County, MD. They learned to love pirate stories and songs of the sea attending shanty sings and the MD Renaissance Festival.  Specializing in traditional celtic music, shanties and a few contemporary songs. 

The Brigands

Musical Group

The Brigands perform songs, Sea Shanties and tunes, lore and fact, from the Golden Age of Piracy, 1650-1750 and beyond. A bit rowdy, a bit naughty, always fun!

Island Vibes

Reggae Band

This steel drum band with reggae cover songs will create the perfect atmosphere for the Caribbean Beach Party!

Pirates for Sail

Musical Group

Specializing in shanties and songs of the sea, they can rouse your spirits with a bawdy drinking song, or soothe your soul with a tear-jerking old ballad. 

Ship's Company Chanteymen

Musical Group

Portraying the musical part of nautical life in the 1700s and 1800s: songs that set a pace to keep ship crews rowing or turning a capstan in rhythm -- and some that just filled long hours or lonely nights at sea. 

Song Buccaneers

Musical Group

Sail on down through a world filled with pirates, islands, sea life, and beaches—ships, sailors, and mythical creatures on a seafaring adventure awash with rollicking sea songs, rousing stories and rib-tickling tales. 

Spiced Punch

Musical Group

A rousing set of shanties and sea songs that's more fun than an octopus's picnic! They combine stories, soaring vocals, guitar, concertina, penny whistle, bodhran and banjo for an unforgettable performance.

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